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The Meaning Behind our Talisman Jewellery

What is a Talisman? 

Talismans are typically an inscribed object that is thought to bring wholeness, protection, and good luck to those who have them. Talismans have been used in many civilizations throughout history, with astrological, religious and scientific practices. They are often portable objects carried on someone in a variety of ways but can also be installed in architecture.

Inspired by ancient talismans picked up and pocketed to protect, our Talisman Collection features fascinating charms and coins created to evoke life's important memories and journeys. We offer a selection of meaningful talisman jewellery, if you want to make it truly unique add engraving. If you want to learn about the different meanings behind some of our talisman necklaces continue reading and you might find something perfect for you or your loved ones!

Queen Bee Talisman Necklace 

The necklace features an ultra-detailed Queen Bee - a universal symbol of life commitment and resilience. Bees are incredibly important to the health of our planet and plays a vital role in pollinating the plants we eat. Our necklace is a reminder that we must do all we can to protect these special creatures.

St. Christopher Necklace 

Traditionally given to loved ones who will be travelling, a St. Christopher is seen as a protector to keep them safe on their journey. 

Entwined Hearts Talisman Necklace 

This necklace is embossed with the word 'Forever' alongside a pair of entwined hearts – a symbol of love, loyalty, and protection. 

Tree of Life Talisman Necklace 

This necklace features a delicately carved Tree of Life - a long standing symbol of family, connection, and unity. 

Lion Talisman Necklace 

A symbol of strength, passion, and self - confidence, discover the lion inside you. This necklace features a lion talisman pendant, embossed with the inspiring words ‘a lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinions of sheep'.

Lucky Sixpence Necklace

Traditionally given as a symbol of good luck, the sixpence is the perfect gift for a bride on her wedding day or anyone else on an upcoming special occasion. 

Now that you know the meaning of a our talisman jewellery head over to our Talisman Collection to discover the rest of our jewellery and shop for a necklace that best suits your story or for someone special. Our sterling silver and vermeil plated jewellery is all made from recycled metals meaning you can shop sustainably with a clear mind!