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How to Create the Ultimate Bracelet Stack

The layered look is in style and bracelets are the best way to try out your stacking skills. From chains, to charms and bangles, layer up and nail your arm candy. When you layer different bracelets on your wrists you are able to experiment with different designs and materials which create a new look that reflects your personal style. Stacking your bracelets is the best way of getting the most wear out of your jewellery as you can combine different bracelets every time.

If your not sure on where to start not to worry as this guide will show you how to stack bracelets like a pro!


How to Stack Bracelets

1. Mix & Match

Try mixing and matching your favourite styles. Layer different types of materials and sizes such as beaded and chain styles to add dimension and texture to your look. You can also mix and match our vermeil and sterling silver bracelets for a contemporary look. Three is typically the magic layering number, use this as your base and add more or take away depending on what your going for.

2. Choose a Focal Point

When in doubt choose one statement bracelet that you can base your layering on.

3. Start Small

If you're new to bracelet stacking or simply a fan of minimalist aesthetics, keep things simple and wear our timeless classic pieces as a part of your stack. Alternatively, you can try stacking bracelets in the same metal that doesn't feature any gemstones and pendants. 

4. Add Colour

Colour is an important factor to consider when stacking bracelets. You can use a pop of colour to bring a neutral outfit to life. Wearing gemstones or beaded bracelets can be an effective way of elevating your bracelet stack. Not only will it add a pop of colour and vibrancy, but they are also ideal for special occasions when looking to bring glamour. Try out our Orissa Bracelets if you want to achieve this look. 

Now that you know how to stack bracelets why not add our bracelets into your collection. Here at Dower & Hall we offer a variety of bracelets and bangles that will suit any stack!