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Our Pearls

At Dower & Hall we use real, cultured freshwater pearls. We are proud to use this type of pearl, as we believe it is better for the environment.

Cultured pearls are grown on farms, therefore natural pearls are not taken from their natural habitat. If the farmer looks after his crop, keeps the water clean and ensures the general eco-system the mussels/oysters are grown in is perfect, then wonderful pearls will be produced. Good quality pearls will fetch good prices and are a worthy source of income. This method has boosted employment opportunities and economies of major pearl-producing countries. It has also given life to beautiful aquatic environments for the pearls to grow in that are admired by all.

We like to incorporate various pearls into our jewellery designs, commonly using freshwater and the more precious and prized Marine. Freshwater pearls are produced by mussels, whereas Tahitian and South Sea marine pearls are produced by black-lipped and white-lipped oysters. 

A good pearl should not be dull, but have a shiny lustre. Pearls can be grown in any shape, but it is rare for pearls to be perfectly round and have a flawless surface - if anything, an inclusion on a pearl is a sign of its authenticity.