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Ladies, Take the Leap!

As our calendars turn to the 29th of February, perhaps now is the ideal time to ask that special question!

Us at Dower & Hall passionately believe that women have the freedom to propose to their significant others whenever they want to, although for centuries, Leap Day has been a traditional day for this. 

Why do Women Propose on Leap Day? 

These days it is perfectly normal for women to perform the grand gesture. But centuries ago, this was unacceptable. For those unfamiliar with this tradition (where have you been hiding!), the story goes, St. Brigid wanted the blessing of the church for women to take the lead and pop the question themselves. Eventually, she struck a deal with St. Patrick, and he suggested that women would have the right to propose every seven years. St. Brigid's determination and persistence meant that she was able to negotiate it down to every four years - and that would be leap day. 

Our 'Marry Me' proposal rings are designed to be the perfect placeholders until you come back later to choose an engagement ring or wedding band together that you'll both love!

Our Dower & Hall 'Marry Me' Band features the classic helix-style twisted ridge, adding a unique fascination. 



The cost of both of our 'Marry Me' rings is redeemable in full on any of our precious engagement rings and wedding bands, or if you're looking for a ring completely unique to you, our bespoke service will allow you to bring your vision to life by capturing your love story in a deeply meaningful design.