How To Stack Earrings

Whether you are searching for ear stack inspiration or a step-by-step guide on how to master your ear stacking game look no further.

So, what are the golden rules of stacking?


1. Back to Basics

If you’re feeling a little indecisive. Always begin with delicate studs and huggies as these are the ultimate stacking starting points. We offer a variety of jewellery perfect for the minimalist look. Take a look at our Fine Earrings for investment studs and labrets in 9k and 14k yellow gold with diamonds.

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2. Make a statement – all the above

Level up with bold pieces such as bold hoops and drop earrings. Also, if you’re feeling adventurous, choose all the above. It is recommended to start with smallest to largest or in reverse. Starting or ending with a stud, followed by a small huggie and topping off with a bold earring. Stacking with a range of styles allows you to personalise your look easily. This is a great tip for people who struggle with deciding what earring they should wear.

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3. Go heavy on the hoops

Featuring our much-loved Meduim Timeless Pearl Huggie Hoops, this ear stack adds an edge to your everyday look. Stack up as many pairs of huggie hoops your ears can hold. We have many to choose from, such as our Waterfall, Orissa, Pearl and Nomad hoops.  

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4. Two metals are better than one

A great ear stack doesn’t always stick to one metal. Try mixing up our sterling silver and vermeil plated earrings to add a bit of character. If you’re stacking a few gold huggies try adding some silver pieces to elevate your look.

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5. Stack with colour in mind

For something more eye catching try stacking with our vibrant gemstone earrings. Gemstones can really elevate your look as it adds sparkle and vibrancy. Find a stone that resonates with your personality by taking a look at your birthstone. 

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Here at Dower & Hall we have earrings to match every aesthetic. When trying to define what your jewellery style is, consider which shape and style of earrings stand out to you. There is no right or wrong way to stack earrings and the finished look is completely up to you. Shop with a clear mind because all of our sterling silver and vermeil jewellery are made with recycled metals.