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How to Clean Gold Vermeil Jewellery

Routine care keeps jewellery looking its best for years. Are you looking for the best way to keep your Dower & Hall Jewellery clean? Continue reading and learn the different ways you can keep your gold vermeil jewellery looking spotless.

For Routine Care

The best method to clean your vermeil jewellery is simply by gently polishing it with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. Avoid using jewellery polishing cloths unless it is ‘un-treated’, otherwise, they often contain polishing agents and chemicals meant for silver, not gold. This will be too harsh on your gold vermeil jewellery and can cause premature wear-down.

Always make sure you’re using a soft and non-abrasive cloth that is free of any lint that can get stuck in settings and prongs. Your pieces will be back to their original sparkle by just removing daily grime build up using a cloth.

For Deep Cleaning 

To deep clean your vermeil jewellery use soft liquid soap and lukewarm water. It is best to avoid submerging your jewellery into soapy water. Instead wet a soft lint-free cloth into a bowl of warm water with a small amount of soap dissolved in it and gently rub your jewellery clean. Do not use a brush on vermeil even if it is a soft bristle brush as these can still be to harsh on the jewellery. 

How to Remove Tarnish from Gold Vermeil?

Tarnishing occurs when the metal surface comes in direct and prolonged contact with makeup, perfumes, body oils, sweat, deodorants and any other external substances. 

The great thing about vermeil is that it rarely tarnishes. Occasionally, if it does, gently rub with a soft clean cloth which should clear it right away!

Best Practices

- Avoid harsh chemicals. Try not to apply body lotion, perfume, hairspray, and hand sanitiser whilst wearing your jewellery. The chemicals can interact with the metal and cause discolouration or dullness. Put on your jewellery once you have finished your routine. 

- Try to make it a habit of removing your rings when washing your hands. While the soap is not going to cause an effect, it can build up residue and gemstones do not particularly love high temperatures. 

- Always store your jewellery in its box or pouch. This keeps air out and dryness in. Our reusable soft touch pouches and boxes are the perfect place to store your pieces individually, so they don't rub together preventing them from scratching and tangling.