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February’s Birthstone - Amethyst


This stone, historically symbolising protection and humility, is formed inside the hollow voids of geodes where lava encapsulates minerals that slowly crystallise into formations of amethyst. In some cases, individuals have linked Amethyst to tranquility and calmness. This is a result of the very literal meaning of the Greek word améthystos being ‘not intoxicated’. Therefore, the association of this stone with having a clear mind has been made overtime. 

Additionally, the colour purple is commonly associated with wisdom, royalty, mystery, independence and magic. With so many meanings amethyst jewellery can easily come with personal stories and attachments.  

Our Amethyst jewellery is a perfect gift for people who are born in February or for people who love the colour purple! Our sterling silver and vermeil plated amethyst jewellery is all made from recycled metals and responsibly sourced gemstones, meaning you can shop sustainably and with a clear mind!