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Celebrating International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day!  

As we celebrate women across the globe, we want to shine a light on some of the key women at Dower & Hall. With over 80% of the Dower and Hall team being women, there is no doubt that women play a key part in our business. Everyone brings something unique and important to our team; from strong leadership, kindness, creativity, dependability and exceptional craftsmanship.  

We spoke to some of our team to hear a bit more about their stories and what led then to jewellery making. Read more below...

"Whilst working in Liberty of London and studying for my jewellery design degree I started making jewellery on the side. Whilst working there someone suggested The Princes Youth Business Trust. 

A lady named Zoe Simpson from Elizabeth Gage then inspired me to set up my own business. Another inspiring woman was Lesley Sheiff from the Talisman gallery that aided me in understanding product and sale-ability. I have a lot to thank these two women for and they are very much fundamental in the business today".  - Diane, Founder 

“My Mum's love of jewellery, fashion and her creativity as a dress-maker inspired my early interest in all accessories. My favourite piece has to be my engagement ring made by Dower & Hall in the 1990's. I also adore my True North Story Pendant because it looks fabulous and I love the sentiment linked to it - it depicts a beacon of inspiration and hope to many". Sophie, Production Manager  

"My first love was Theatre, I remember being backstage with my Mum who was Head Wig Mistress and seeing all the beautiful costumes and pretty jewels. From as early as 5 years old I loved the glitz and glamour! My favourite collection is our Narrative collection, beautifully crafted fine designs that are so timeless." Nikki, Store Manager  

" I've been making jewellery for so long that I can do it with my eyes closed! Having said that, setting rings and ring arrangement is my favourite part of what I do. I was inspired by a tutor at an evening class I did and from then on jewellery is all I have and ever wanted to do." Gerry, Jeweller  

“Anything that requires setting and creativity with your jewellery - I'm your lady. The person who inspired me to work in jewellery was my teacher at Central St Martins when I did my Art foundation course. Nature inspires me a lot as well, as every season and element brings something new." Nelia, Jeweller