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We’ll happily send you an industry standard ‘multi-sizer’ tool – the best way to help you establish your accurate finger size from the comfort of your own home. The ring sizer works like a belt and is really easy to use. Once requested, your sizer will be delivered within five working days along with instructions.

Please note: ring sizers are only available to customers living within the UK.

Ring Sizing Tips

1. Warm up your fingers before measuring – if possible, measure at the end of the day when your fingers will be at their largest. Avoid measuring your finger size when your hands are cold as they will be at least a size smaller.

2. Your ring sizer should fit your finger comfortably - being snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle.

3. Twinkle Ring stacks & rings with a thicker band will feel tighter than a thin band. For these purchases we normally recommend going up by a half or full size when ordering.

James Allen would be glad to send you a free ring sizer. Just enter your information below and we'll get one in the mail right away.
Please note: Ring Sizers are only available to customers living within the United States

Free Ring Sizer

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