Frequently Asked Questions About Engagement Rings


The best starting point is to try on all sorts of rings and decide which design or style you like and what suits your hand – do you like round or square stones; claw or rub-over settings; traditional or modern styles; subtle or bold designs; cool white metals or warm yellow gold?

Engagement Rings

Then, tell us what your budget is and we’ll help work out the best size of diamond and the proportions of ring to fit that price. Most designs can be scaled up or down to suit a particular budget and we can also guide you through any decisions on which metal and stone quality to choose so that we can make the ring of your dreams.
If there are any compromises to be made on size or quality of diamond we would always recommend getting the best colour and cut you can afford over clarity or size – a well cut sparkly white diamond will always have more presence than a dull tinted ‘rock’.


Within reason a Dower & Hall Engagement ring will cost whatever you want to spend as we can accommodate most budgets.
Diamonds come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and prices – and so do our rings!


This is a very approximate guide to what is possible for any particular price bracket. Actual prices vary according to weight of metal and size, shape and quality of particular diamonds.

Up to £1000
Palladium + 25pt F VS or 18ct Gold + 25pt J SI diamond

£1000 to £1500
Palladium + 40pt or 18ct Gold + 33pt or Platinum + 25pt H SI

£1500 to £2000
Palladium + 50pt or 18ct Gold + 40pt or Platinum + 33pt

£2000 to £3000
Palladium + 75pt or 18ct Gold + 50pt or Platinum + 40pt

£3000 to £4000
18ct Gold + 75pt H SI or Platinum + 75pt J SI

£5000 to £6000
18ct Gold + 1ct H SI or Platinum + 1ct J SI

£7000 to £8500
18ct Gold or Platinum + 1ct F VS or + 1.25ct H SI

£10000 +
18ct Gold or Platinum + 1.25ct F VS or + 1.50ct H SI 

(F VS, H SI & J SI are diamond grades explained in more depth in the 'Diamonds & Other Stones' information section)


Attention to detail and quality is what we pride ourselves on. We will create a perfect ring that is contemporary, beautiful and made 100% with you in mind. Take pleasure in knowing your ring will be tailored to fit your finger and personality, with the setting and band perfectly proportioned to the diamond that you choose.
You can be reassured that the diamond will be from a non-conflict source and if it is 0.40ct or larger, most of our diamonds will also be supplied with a certificate (if available) detailing its quality according to an independent laboratory. We also provide a full size valuation with all relevant details including a digital photograph.
Unlike many other jewellers who import mass produced rings, all of our designs are exclusive to us and we only use our own original components. This is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase and we believe it should be special and unique.


Obviously you want that ‘down on one knee’ moment to be special but how do you make sure the ring will be right? The simple answer is that it is very difficult to be sure of choosing the perfect ring without getting your partner involved as the range of styles, metals, shapes and even finger sizes is so wide.

This is why we created the ‘Marry Me’ ring which is a sparkling silver replica of one of our classic engagement rings, engraved with the words ‘Marry Me’. The idea is that after you have used it for the proposal your partner has something to wear while you choose the real thing together - even better, the full £150 cost of this ring is redeemable against the price of the engagement ring, and they get to keep it too as an unforgettable keepsake.

Proposing with a ring is always much more romantic than being empty handed!

Under a similar concept, we recently added the ‘Take the Leap’ ring. Originally created for ladies to take advantage of the Leap Year custom and propose to their man - the reaction has been so good, especially from same sex couples, that now we have decided to keep this ring beyond its original limited shelf life. Made in sterling silver, this weighty band features a unique sculpted twist making a simple, style statement and engraved inside with ‘Marry Me’. Now a permanent stock item, it is available in a wide range of sizes.


Most rings we make are ‘tailored’ to fit. This is when an existing design is altered and personalised to ensure the perfect proportions for a customer’s finger and to fit a particular budget. Our website gives an idea of potential designs and the sales advisors in our shops can show a wider range of possibilities from a comprehensive catalogue, as well as discuss ideas.

Our ‘Bespoke’ service comes into play when a customer likes our style but none of the designs quite fit the bill. It can be an adaptation of an existing piece or a totally new design made specifically to commission. For this service there is a minimum price of £1000 and possibly a fee for master-making of approx. £250.

All ‘Bespoke’ projects involve a consultation with Design Director Dan Dower. The design process can follow many different routes and time scales depending on particular circumstances – Dan has a wide range of settings and bands that can be used to ‘compose’ the perfect ring; designs can be sketched up; or alternatively new forms may be created either by hand or via computer-aided-design (CAD) processes.


We normally quote 4 to 6 weeks for Precious orders. In some instances we can be quicker so if there is a particular deadline let us know and we’ll do our best to achieve it.
Because of the range of styles offered we cannot keep all of our designs in stock – Everything is made to order from our own components, with any adaptations reliant on Dan creating the original. However if there is anything we can do to get that ring on your finger sooner we will do it.

A bespoke ring can take longer if there are a lot of consultations and decisions to be made as well as mock-ups and new masters to be created. We will advise you as to the expected time frame in the early stages of the process.
For any enquiries or further questions please call 020 7377 5544 or email

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