Ultra Violet

Pantone’s colour of the year is Ultra Violet and we love this glamorous purple shade and not just because it translates into jewellery so well! It’s especially ‘of the moment’ as our favourite purple gem, Amethyst, is February’s birthstone! We’re taking a closer look into this stunning gemstone, it’s history, name and how we’ll be wearing it this year.

Amethysts are the perfect gift as they are thought to bring luck, wit and health, as well as strength, peace and stability. Certainly qualities we’d all love to gift our friends and family. The Ancient Greeks also believed that they had the ability to ward of intoxication, in fact the name is taken from the Greek for sober ‘amethystos’!

While the Amethyst story begins with the Ancient Greeks, Pantone has named Ultra Violet the colour of 2018 to point us to the future, suggesting the mysteries of the cosmos, technology and creativity. It points to the intrigue of what lies ahead and the discoveries beyond where we are now. It also looks to icons who have made purple their own, such as Prince, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix.

So how can you translate all of this into your own style? Whether you take inspiration from the runway and wear full, bold looks in the colour or choose a touch of purple sparkle, this is a trend that you can take as far as you like. We’ve taken a look through all of our jewellery collections and are here with our top ways to wear the Amethyst gem for the year of Ultra Violet!


Strong Statement

A large, beautifully cut amethyst will catch the light, sparkle and add a glamour to any outfit!

It’ll come as no surprise that we’re big fans of a stunning, statement jewel, you’ll find lots of new designs highlighting them in our ever-growing and beloved Twinkle collection. The bold tones of Amethyst work perfectly in any cut and as the light hits the stones you can see the depths of the purple hues.

18ct Gold Vermeil Amethyst Twinkle Drop EarringsSterling Silver Twinkle Ring Stack18ct Gold Vermeil Trillion Amethyst Twinkle Pendant

Twinkle Drop Earrings, Twinkle Stacking Rings & Twinkle Trillion Cut Pendant


A Delicate Hint

A subtle nod to this year’s colour with a stacking ring or bracelet is on-trend and can be mixed and matched to suit your style, while a delicate charm is just the thing for a February baby!

Purple is a bold colour to wear head to toe and the office may not call for statement jewels, but there’s no reason not to add a hint of colour to brighten your look and your day. We love our Orissa bracelets, which come in hundreds of colour varieties and are a great way to wear gemstones with a casual twist. Charms and stacking rings are ideal for personalising, add a charm to your necklace or bracelet to make it your own, this works especially well for February babies adding a touch of their own story to their look!

18ct Rose Gold Vermeil Amethyst Orissa BraceletSterling Silver Amethyst Twinkle CharmSterling Silver & 18ct Gold Amethyst Twinkle Ring

Orissa Bracelet, Twinkle Charm & Twinkle Stacking Ring


Rainbow Hues

Amethyst is gorgeous on its own, but truly comes to life when mixed with complementary hues of gems, pink tourmalines and aquamarines are especially flattering!

There’s a veritable rainbow of gemstones out there and so many of them look gorgeous next to each other. Celebrate nature’s rainbow and choose your favourite colour combinations, from our full rainbow necklace with eleven different gemstones to feminine hues of pink and purple. There’s so many combinations and this month’s star, Amethyst, works so well with so many.

Sterling Silver Twinkle Chandelier Earrings18ct Gold Vermeil Twinkle PendantSterling Silver Hammered Disc & Twinkle Charm Necklace

Twinkle Chandelier Drop Earrings, Twinkle Pendant and Necklace


We hope that this has inspired you to delve deeper into the colour of the year and this month’s birthstone. Ultra-Violet and Amethyst together are looking to be taking their place as one of this year’s top trends! Find your own sparkle in our Twinkle & Orissa collections!