Introducing Lumiere

We are very proud to unveil our latest jewellery collection, Lumiere. Just in time for Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day, these treasures are designed to hold your loved ones close to your heart with an added sparkle!

New Lumiere Lockets New Lumiere Designs

This Valentine’s Day surprise her with a shimmering heart in our signature hammered finish and a sapphire sparkle, available in white or blue to suit her style. For a truly personal touch choose one of the Lumiere lockets, which each hold two beloved photos. There’s a selection of charms, lockets, pendants and earrings to choose from to help you find the perfect gift for Valentine’s or any special occasion!

New Lumiere Designs New Lumiere Locket

You won’t only find hearts in our Lumiere collection, we’ve also included a selection of subtle sparkles in rounded shapes. Wear the layering trend with ease with the double pendant or choose a locket with a modern, sparkling finish. Every design has been created to take a beloved classic and give it a modern twist for a piece that you can wear and love every day for years to come.

New Lumiere Locket