A Match Made in Heaven

Elevate your gold jewellery with pearl details for a timeless and trending look.


Our Story

Handmade in London 

We’re proud to use recycled metal in all our sterling silver and solid gold jewellery. This means we can bring you accessible luxury jewellery that is both affordable and ethical. 


Our pieces are designed to be sustainable, wearable, timeless classics. We are proud to have customers wearing designs today that we made for them 30 years ago. 

Using heritage, craft techniques alongside new technology, we have always used recycled silver and gold metal for our pieces. This recycling saves on waste, is better for the environment, reduces water usage and cuts down on CO2 emissions.  

Timeless Classics 

Our Collections offer everyday essentials and affordable luxury to last. We repair, restyle and recycle D&H pieces and our workshop is doing so on a daily basis. 

Ethical Sourcing 

Our gems and diamonds are ethically sourced whilst Pearls themselves insist on a clean, pollution-free environment to live and grow their beautiful lustre.  

Our deliveries are all carbon neutral . From the Summer 2021 we will be offering an Eco packaging choice. 

We hope you enjoy wearing your pieces for many years to come.