May 10
Our Rising Star – Dower & Hall’s Sophie Rose Pilcher

We’re very excited to announce that Dower & Hall’s very own website manager, Sophie Rose Pilcher has been chosen as one of Retail Jeweller’s Rising Stars – 30 Under 30!

A member of the team since 2010, Sophie started at Dower & Hall as a sales associate and moved into our Head Office to take over the website and, as you can see, has been doing an amazing job since! Many of the lovely features, like our Cherish Locket Builder, the engravable pendant designer and the live WebChat, you can see on the site today were created by Sophie to make shopping on our website an easy and enjoyable experience for you.

We would like to congratulate Sophie on being selected as a Rising Star and also Thank her for all of her hard work, we can’t wait to see what’s coming up online!

Apr 28
Natural Beauty – The New Pebble Collection Launches!


This Spring it’s all about easy to wear designs inspired by the beautiful simplicity of nature! Dan Dower & Diane Hall have created the Brand-New Pebble Jewellery Collection with classics that will last the test of time and become treasured favourites.

2-Brand_New_Dower_and_Hall_Jewellery_Pebble_Collection_Silver_Earrings 3-Brand_New_Dower_and_Hall_Jewellery_Pebble_Collection_Silver_Necklace

From everyday studs to opera length 40” necklaces, there is something for every style and every occasion in the collection. The designs are made for versatile layering, as the necklaces in the below photo show! Wear a single pebble for a subtle look or layer the bracelets and necklaces for a statement look.

4-Brand_New_Dower_and_Hall_Jewellery_Pebble_Collection_Silver_Necklaces 5-Brand_New_Dower_and_Hall_Jewellery_Pebble_Collection_Silver_Bracelet 6-Brand_New_Dower_and_Hall_Jewellery_Pebble_Collection_Silver-Earrings

Whether you’re looking for monochrome, mixed metals or full golden sparkle there’s a myriad of combinations available. These bracelets are each available in six different varieties and we think they look best with a few stacked up for a laid-back festival vibe!

7-New_Dower_and_Hall_Sterling_Silver_18ct_Black_Gold_Vermeil_Single_Pebble_Bracelet 8-New_Dower_and_Hall_18ct_Rose_Gold_Vermeil_Single_Pebble_Bracelet 9-New_Dower_and_Hall_Sterling-Silver_Pebble_Bracelet 10-New_Dower_and_Hall_Sterling_Silver_18ct_Gold_Vermeil_Pebble_Bracelet

Mix and match your earrings, if you have a few piercings then layer up your studs and drops for a cool look, or try the simple studs for office friendly and easy to wear style!

11-New_Dower_and_Hall_Sterling_Silver_Pebble_Stud_Earrings 12-New_Dower_and_Hall_18ct_Gold_Vermeil_Pebble_Teardrop_Drop_Earrings 13-New_Dower_and_Hall_18ct_Rose_Gold_Vermeil_Pebble_Drop_Earrings 14-New_Dower_and_Hall_Sterling_Silver_18ct_Black_Gold_Vermeil_Pebble_Drop_Earrings

These necklaces were made for layering, with so many varieties and options don’t feel you should stick to one colour. Over a simple top your jewellery can be the ultimate accessory and transform classic into statement glam!

15-New_Dower_and_Hall_Sterling_Silver_Pebble_Necklace 16-New_Dower_and_Hall_18ct_Gold_Vermeil_Pebble_Necklace 17-New_Dower_and_Hall_Sterling_Silver_18ct_Rose_Gold_Vermeil_Long_Pebble_Necklace

18-New_Dower_and_Hall_Sterling_Silver_18ct_Black_Gold_Vermeil_Pebble_Pendant 19-New_Dower_and_Hall_18ct_Gold_Vermeil_Pebble_Pendant

These rings look great on their own, but stack them together and you can create something completely unique!

20-New_Dower_and_Hall_Sterling_Silver_Round_Pebble_Ring 21-New_Dower_and_Hall_18ct_Rose_Gold_Vermeil_Round_Pebble_Ring 22-New_Dower_and_Hall_Sterling_Silver_Oval_Pebble_Ring 23-New_Dower_and_Hall_18ct_Gold_Vermeil_Oval_Pebble_Ring

We hope you enjoy our new collection and trying the many different ways to wear them! We would love to see how you’re wearing our Pebbles so make sure to tag us and add #myDandH to your social media posts!

Apr 25
Dan Dower judges and presents the Wedding & Event Category at the UK Blog Awards


On Friday 21st April one of the biggest award ceremonies celebrating UK Blogs took place at the Westminster Park Plaza Hotel, where our very own Dan Dower judged the Wedding & Events category and presented the awards.

With a Superhero theme the awards were sponsored by Odeon, who brought their latest films to life with Wonder Woman and the Sword & The Stone entertainment. The awards featured every type of blog imaginable, from automotive to fashion, food & drink and everything in between. Dan Dower was asked to bring his Bridal expertise to the proceedings by judging the Wedding & Event category.

2-UK_Blog_Awards_2017_Individual_Finalists_Dan_Dower_Judge_Dower_and_Hall 3-UK_Blog_Awards_2017_Company_Finalists_Dan_Dower_Judge_Dower_and_Hall

The category was divided into Individual and Company finalists with 8 nominees in each, Dan was helped in the judging by Alex Dingwall of the Concerto Group and Bianca Searle of Odeon, the night’s headline sponsor.

4-UK_Blog_Awards_2017_Individual_Winner_Judge_Dan_Dower_Dower_and_Hall 5-UK_Blog_Awards_2017_Company_Winner_Judge_Dan_Dower_Dower_and_Hall

Weddings triumphed on the night with Whisper & Blush winning the individual category and Wedding Hour winning from the Company finalists. Congratulations to both on their wins!


Image courtesy of @whisperandblush

As a special memento for the night we also gifted the presenters and winners with a special bespoke gift, one of our Cherish the Moment bracelets engraved with their initials and UKBA 2017, a truly individual way of remembering an amazing night!

7-UK_Blog_Awards_2017_Founder_Presenters_Head_Judge_Dower_and_Hall 8-UK_Blog_Awards_Presenters_Chessie_King_Jack_Saunders_Dower_and_Hall

We would like to say a special thanks to the organisers of the amazing night, Gemma Newton, the Managing Director of the Awards and Charly Lester, founder of the Dating Awards. Also Thank you to the evening’s presenters Chessie King, London based influencer, and Jack Saunders, Radio X DJ!

And for a bonus, here is Dan Dower enjoying the Sword of the Stone entertainment!